Getting started

  1. Inside the admin panel navigate to the Data Sources page and click + NEW on the top right corner.
  1. Choose Pinterest from the list.
  1. Click Click to connect Pinterest and go through the authentication and setup flow.
  1. Name your data source.
  1. Click Save.

Shopping Campaigns Settings

Currently, SegmentStream does not support automatic UTM matching for Shopping campaigns. This means that you would need to match these types of campaigns manually inside the SegmentStream admin panel by using the following settings.

URL parameters for all Shopping campaigns

If you use a single UTM tracking template for all Shopping campaigns in your Pinterest account, enter it into this field to ensure proper allocation of cost to sessions in the reports.

URL parameters for specific Shopping campaigns

If specific Shopping campaigns in your Pinterest account use unique UTM tracking templates, enter the respective Campaign ID and URL parameters to ensure that the cost is properly allocated to sessions for those campaigns.

Example use cases

Case 1: All Shopping campaigns use the same tagging structure:
Image without caption
Case 2: Specific Shopping campaign uses it’s own tagging structure:
Image without caption

Supported dynamic URL parameters

By default Pinterest allows to use a lot of dynamic URL tagging parameters to track campaigns.
SegmentStream supports the following parameters:
Advertising campaign ID.
Advertising campaign name.
Ad group ID.
Ad group name.
Pin promotion ID.
Pin promotion ID.

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