Metric approximation

SegmentStream reports are generated by combining data extracted from tracked user actions with data exported from connected publisher platforms.
When analyzing data in the reports, metrics such as impressions, clicks, costs, and their derivatives (e.g., cost per click, cost per conversion) exported from publisher platforms may not be accurately reported when they are broken down by dimensions that aren’t available from the publisher platforms.


To address the limitations of data granularity provided by publisher platforms and offer more detailed and actionable insights, SegmentStream reports display approximated values for the mentioned metrics based on the proportion of sessions within a selected report dimension.

Affected dimensions

This behavior primarily affects geo- and device-specific dimensions, as indicated by tooltips in the report dimension selection menu.


For approximation to be applied, SegmentStream must be able to match the tagging used across all levels within a specific campaign to sessions.
However, if the tagging isn’t matched down to the lowest level of the advertising hierarchy within a specific campaign, approximation won’t be applied at any dimension level.
Metrics from publisher data that aren’t linked to any sessions will be labeled as (not tracked) in reports that are broken down by dimensions not available from the publisher.
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