SegmentStream documentation


SegmentStream is a marketing data intelligence platform which allows to import and unify data from various data sources for advanced analytics and attribution.

Google BigQuery project

Basic features

Google BigQuery projects help to connect all your marketing data into your own Google BigQuery data warehouse. This is more advanced functionality which allows working with raw data collected from various data sources:

  • Advertising platforms (raw and UTM-grouped reports)
  • Mobile and web analytics platforms
  • CRM/ERP systems
  • Call tracking systems
  • Google Sheets
  • JSON/XML feeds
  • etc

You can learn more about Google BigQuery projects basic features here.

Enterprise features

Enterprise accounts are extended with more advanced features like:

  • Real-time event data collection using Data Streams;
  • Advanced Dataflow Platform for complex data transformations and workflows;
  • Data Destinations which allow sending data from Google BigQuery to different marketing platforms (CDP functionality);
  • Advanced marketing reporting, ML-based multi-touch attribution, ROPO-analysis and other custom datasets and reports;

What’s next