Export table data

SegmentStream offers an intuitive feature for exporting data from your configured report. This functionality empowers users to delve deeper into their data, allowing for in-depth analysis in spreadsheets, customization of reports, and integration into various applications.

Steps to Export Your Report:

  1. Navigate to the report you wish to export.
  1. Locate the “Export” button situated at the right corner just above the report table.
  1. Upon clicking, a dropdown menu will be presented, giving you two export options: CSV or Google Sheets.

Data Flattening Feature:

To enhance the utility of the exported data, SegmentStream automatically flattens multi-level reports for streamlined analysis.
For instance, if your report contains multiple levels of dimensions such as:
  • Country
    • Source / Medium
      • Campaign
The exported data will be presented in a flat table format:
Source / Medium
Metric 1
Metric …
Google / CPC
Summer Sale
Google / CPC

Export Limitations:

It's essential to be aware of the row limits when exporting your data to ensure the integrity and completeness of your information:

1. CSV Export:

  • Maximum Rows: 1,000,000
  • If your report exceeds this row limit, you might want to refine the date range, filter out less critical data, or segment your export into multiple CSV files.

2. Google Sheets Export:

  • Maximum Rows: 50,000
  • Remember that Google Sheets has its inherent row limits. If your report surpasses this limitation, consider breaking it down into smaller parts or opting for the CSV export for larger datasets.
Always ensure that you're exporting data within these confines to avoid any truncation or missing rows.