Events tracking

Events are specific actions or interactions that users perform on your website, such as clicking a button, viewing a page, or completing a form. They play a significant role in training our machine learning models as the models analyse the sequence of events leading up to conversions to power the attribution models you can use in our reports.
By using the SegmentStream event tracking connection, you can export data to SegmentStream without any event collection limits, while simultaneously forwarding the data to your Google Analytics 4 property.

Getting started

Google Analytics 4 should already be implemented on your website either through Google Tag Manager, Google Tag (gtag.js) or using any other client or server side tagging instrument.
Please refer to the Google setup instructions if GA4 has not been set up on your website before proceeding with this guide.
Your SegmentStream connection method will depend on the way GA4 is implemented on your website, please refer to the table below to choose the method that fits you:
GA connection type
Client Side
Server side
Not supported
Not supported

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