Should we change UTM parameters in our Facebook campaigns?

You have the flexibility to use any UTM parameters that suit your tracking needs. However, for better data accuracy and to prevent potential problems should you decide to rename your campaign or change the utm_campaign parameter, we recommend adding a utm_id to each of your tracking URLs. This can make data analysis more precise. For more detailed information on how to implement this, please consult a comprehensive guide on UTM parameters.

Data in my ad platform cabinet doesn’t exactly match data in SegmentStream reports

Occasionally, the data displayed in your reports may not match what you see in the ad platform. This can happen because the ad platform sometimes makes retrospective updates to the data after SegmentStream has loaded it into the reports. To address this, we've implemented a feature that detects significant differences of more than 5% in exported metrics. When such differences occur, SegmentStream automatically reloads the data to minimise discrepancies and provide you with the most accurate insights possible.

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