Attention! The Google BigQuery integration has to be enabled to use Data Import.

The CSV file upload functionality allows you to import cost data from CSV files to Google BigQuery.

File requirements

Maximum file size: 1MB. File format: csv, txt. The first line of the file is the header and must contain fields separated by commas: source,medium,campaign,term,content,cost,clicks,impressions,date

The description of the fields is given in the table:

Field Description
source Campaign source
medium Type of traffic
campaign Campaing name
term Keyword
content Ad identifier
cost Cost
clicks Click quantity
impressions Impression quantity
date Date in yyyy-mm-dd format

File processing

Processing is automatic, it can take up to 24 hours, after which the data will appear in BigQuery.

The contents of the files will be written to a table with the name customCosts, in the project and dataset configured in the Google BigQuery integration settings.

The following steps have to be taken to view the Google BigQuery integration current project and dataset:

  1. Choose your project
  2. Go to the Integrations section
  3. Select the Google BigQuery integration

The integration settings window will open, it contains the project ID(1) and the name of the dataset(2).

You can view the contents of this table through the GoogleBigQuery console, to do this, click the link, in the window that opens select the project, dataset, and the customCosts table.

Processing statuses

After downloading the file, it can take the following statuses:

  • In queue (1) - The file was successfully uploaded and is in the queue for processing.
  • Error (2) - An error has occurred while processing the file..
  • Processed (3) - File successfully processed, data uploaded to Google BigQuery.