Available data sources

To set up the automatic data import into own Google BigQuery data warehouse you need to connect at least one data source.

There following built-in data sources are available for the Google BigQuery projects withing the SegmentStream platform:





Connecting data source

To connect a data source you should follow the following steps:

  1. Click Add Data Source button: Add BigQuery data source

  2. Select the data source you would like to import data from: Select BigQuery data souce

  3. Go through the authentication flow depending on the selected data source: Authenticate BigQuery data source

  4. Enable required reports.

  5. Apply additional transformation settings following the instructions in the appropriate documentation of the specific data source.

Historical data import

In order to import historical cost data, please contact our support team. SegmentStream allows to backfill historical data depending on your pricing plan type:

  • For monthly subscriptions we can backfill up to 30 days of historical data.
  • For annual subscriptions we can backfill up to 6 months of historical data (depending on ad platforms allowance).

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