Before you begin

You must obtain an API token to provide access to AWIN data.

  1. Login in to your AWIN control panel.
  2. Go to the API credentials section.
  3. Enter your account password into the box to display your API token. Generate API token

Getting started

  1. Inside the admin panel navigate to the Data Sources page and click + NEW on the top right corner.
  2. Choose AWIN from the list.
  3. Paste API token into input field. Click Save.
  4. Add Account, Region, Time zone and input AWIN comission %. Add all accounts which cost data you would like to import. Choose AWIN account
  5. Make sure Transactions, Publisher performance report, Creative performance report, radial buttons are on. Import reports
  6. Configure additional transformation settings. Utm Mapping example
  7. Click Save.

Additional transformation settings

Besides default reports import, SegmentStream allows to apply additional transformations for the data and help prepare cost data reports grouped by UTM.

This might be very handy if you need to stitch cost data with website sessions or send cost data into Google Analytics.

To enable this transformation use “Import cost data grouped by UTM” setting. Once enabled, a new table with cost data grouped by UTM will appear in your data warehouse.

UTM matching for campaigns

Currently, SegmentStream supports automatic UTM matching for AWIN campaigns only when UTM params are defined inside the URL for each offer in your product feed. Otherwise, you would need to match AWIN campaigns manually inside the SegmentStream admin panel.

By default, the following matching applies for utm_source and utm_medium:

  • utm_sourceAWIN
  • utm_mediumPublisher type

This matching can be changed inside the admin panel by specifying appropriate values UTM source, UTM medium, and UTM campaign options. UTM Grouping options

This document was last updated on October 16, 2020. If you notice any gaps, outdated information or simply want to leave some feedback to help us improve our documentation, please let us know!