Grant BigQuery access to SegmentStream

Access to the BigQuery project, which serves as the repository for your SegmentStream project, is necessary.
Below are the steps that explain how to provide the necessary access:
  1. Open your SegmentStream project.
  1. Navigate to SettingsBigQuery, and copy the service account email.
    1. Image without caption
  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  1. Open the console left side menu and click IAM & admin. Select IAM from the list.
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  1. Click GRANT ACCESS:
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  1. Paste the service account email address into New principals field.
  1. Select the BigQuery Data Editor and BigQuery User roles.
  1. Click Save.
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  1. Return to your SegmentStream project and navigate to Settings → BigQuery.
  1. Check access by clicking the TEST AND CONNECT BIGQUERY button.
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  1. You can now follow the BigQuery guide to complete the connection - Google BigQuery