To make Google BigQuery ready for work you need to create a dataset which SegmentsStream will use to store imported data. Below are the steps that explain how to do this.

Creating dataset

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Open the console left side menu and click BigQuery. Click on BigQuery
  3. Select the project where you would like to create a dataset in the bottom-left menu and click CREATE DATASET. Create dataset

    Note: Instead of this screen, you might see general info about BigQuery. In that case, you should enable BigQuery API.

  4. Enter Dataset ID (for example “segmentstream”).
  5. Select Dataset location.

    Important! In case you use Google Analytics 360 or Google Analytics 4, make sure you select the same dataset location as for the dataset where your Google Analytics export data is stored.

  6. Click Create dataset. Dataset creation page

What’s next:

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