The last-click attribution model assigns all credit for a conversion to the final marketing touchpoint that a customer interacts with before converting.
For more information on attribution models read our SegmentStream basics.


You can name the attribution model as you want to see it displayed in the reports dashboard.

Attribution type

Select the Last-click option from the selector.

Attribution window

The attribution window determines the time window within which a conversion can be attributed to the last significant click, for example:
If a user visits a website through Facebook Ads and, within 14 days, visits the website directly and makes a conversion, the attribution window affects the results seen in the reports.

Significant traffic sources

You can adjust your attribution model by excluding unwanted referrers.
For instance, if you wish to provide credit only to paid channels like Facebook, you can set up the following filter:
Dimension Ad Platform Operator is not equal to (not set)
In this case, SegmentStream will attribute all the value to the last paid click, ignoring not only direct visits, but also organic, email, referral, and other channels.
Referring back to the example above, in the reports, the entire conversion will be attributed to Facebook ads, because attribution models will ignore Google Organic and Direct channels.
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