What is SegmentStream?

SegmentStream lets you measure your advertising ROI and other KPIs by consolidating first-party and third-party data. With the power of Machine Learning, it evaluates the incremental value of each marketing touchpoint across various devices and browsers.
For an in-depth understanding of how SegmentStream supports multi-touch attribution, refer to our SegmentStream basics article.

How to Integrate SegmentStream?

The integration process with SegmentStream is both simple and straightforward. The following are the key steps involved:
  1. Create an account.
  1. Configure your Data Warehouse (DWH) (This is an optional step).
  1. Set up event tracking on your website using GTM or GTAG.js.
  1. Connect your marketing platform with our hassle-free integrations.
  1. Define your business conversions.
  1. Use our AI-powered budget allocation recommendation engine.
  1. Analyze KPIs through our reports.
That's it! Follow our Quick start guide for a smooth setup process or delve into our in-depth documentation on Project configuration.

How to use SegmentStream?

SegmentStream offers an AI-powered Marketing Mix Optimization module that helps maximize ROI through intelligent budget reallocation across all your digital channels and campaigns.
Navigate to the Optimization section to learn more about this feature.
SegmentStream also offers highly customizable reports centred on marketing analytics, designed specifically by marketers for marketers.
Navigate to the Reports section to uncover tips on configuring reports, filtering data, exporting insights, or even creating custom reports with external BI tools.

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Each section in the documentation includes an FAQ page addressing the most common questions and potential issues you might encounter.
  • Project configuration / Events tracking / FAQ
  • Project configuration / Data Sources / FAQ
  • Project configuration / Conversions / FAQ

Support & Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage you to use the Vote buttons beneath each article to share your thoughts. If you encounter any issues, please use the support button within your dashboard to directly communicate with our product team.

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