Setting up a billing account

Before you begin

To use BigQuery with SegmentStream you need an active billing account so that you’ll be able to use Google Cloud Platform resources.
Free Tier Google Cloud accounts don’t support some BigQuery services which are required for SegmentStream Data Import.

Upgrading a Free Tier account

On the main page of Google Cloud Platform in the header click Upgrade and choose Activate in the pop-up window:
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More information on upgrading your account can be found here.

Checking billing account status

If you don’t have an Upgrade button in the navigation bar, check that you have an active billing account with a valid payment method:
  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Billing page ▸
  1. Check that you have at least one billing account with active status.
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  1. Click on the account name and follow instructions to set the status to active if it is different.
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  1. Validate your payment info (1) and check that you don’t have any critical (red) billing health check issues (2).
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If you experience an issue with setting up a billing account consult the documentation on billing accounts.

What’s next: