In this section you will learn:

  • How to turn K50 on or off on your website.
  • How to pass a label variable to K50.

The K50 integration is used for calltracking and callback lead generation


With the help of SegmentStream you can integrate K50 in a couple of clicks.

To configure your integration with K50:

  1. Login on the website and go to the integration control panel.
  2. Enter the “Integration” tab and click on the block with the K50 logo.
  3. In the panel that opens, configure the integration.

You will find a more detailed description of the settings below.

Website ID

The Website ID is a unique identifier for your online project, it can be found on the ‘All Counters’ page in your K50 admin panel. For information on how to create a new identifier visit the K50 documentation page.

Label variable

K50 allows you to pass any parameter to the counter, and use it in the tracker.

To configure the transfer of a parameter, you have to fill in 2 fields:

  1. Left - Specify the data source:
    • DigitalData. Any variable that is present in the digitalData object
    • Constant. A constant value passed in the field on the right.
  2. Right - Specify the name or the value of the variable in the right field.

Below are two examples of usage:

  • If you have to transfer the region name, which is stored in the website.region digitalData variable:
  • If you have to transfer the constant value testing: