This document describes how to import costs data from any advertisement network into BigQuery using Google Sheets document.

Imported data can be combined with other website data to improve ROI reporting by increasing the number of attributed conversions.

Before you begin

Creating costs sheet

SegmentStream can download costs sheet from Google Sheets and import its’ content into Google BigQuery.

Sheet requirements

Name Type Description Example
date required Reporting day in format YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601) 2020-04-03
currency required Currency code USD
cost required Total cost of spendings in the reporting day. Floating point number 1000.13
impressions optional Total number of impressions in the reporting day. Integer 10000
clicks optional Total number of impressions in the reporting day. Integer 1000
utmMedium required Value of the utm_medium URL parameter that is reported cpa
utmSource required Value of the utm_source URL parameter that is reported admitad
utmCampaign optional Value of the utm_campaign URL parameter that is reported campaign1
utmTerm optional Value of the utm_term URL parameter that is reported black_shoes
utmContent optional Value of the utm_content URL parameter that is reported bottom_cta_button

Costs sheet example

Here is the example of the valid Costs Sheet document ▸.

Enabling “Google Sheet” data source

  1. Go to SegmentStream admin panel ▸.
  2. Open Data Sources ▸ Add Data Source.
  3. Select Google Sheets.
  4. Authenticate with your Google account that contains the sheet containing data that you want to upload to BigQuery.
  5. In the Google Spreadsheet URL field specify the URL of the sheet that you want to import.
  6. If you want to load data only from a specific range, type it in the Range field. Otherwise leave it empty.
  7. If you want to define column types in resulting BigQuery table, you can use Column types field for that. By default all of the columns will be of String type.
  8. In the Destination table name field specify the BigQuery table name that will contain imported sheet data.

❗️You can find more information on the data source fields in the documentation ▸.

What’s next

During the next 24 hours your data will be uploaded to the corresponding BigQuery table.

This document was last updated on May 29, 2020. If you notice any gaps, outdated information or simply want to leave some feedback to help us improve our documentation, please let us know!