The Google BigQuery dataset selected when configuring your SegmentStream project will contain all data collected and processed by the platform.

On this page we describe the tables where behavioural and ad platform data is collected.

hitsSet table

Data from all behavioural data sources is collected into the hitsSet table.

Table schema:

Field name Example value Description
date 2022-03-29 Date of hit
hitId 9999999.1646400083_16485… Hit Id
hitType event Type of hit (event, pageview)
anonymousId 9999999.1646400083 Anonymous client Id
userId 123456 Authorized user’s Id
gaTrackerId 1951943138 Identifier of the GA tracker or stream
receivedAt 2022-03-29 20:52:20.832050 UTC Time the server received the event (UTC)
event   Information on the event session_start Event name
event.action session_start Event action
event.category Automatic Event category
event.label Example label Event label
event.value 100 Event value
event.customDimensions   Custom dimension name and value pairs gclid Custom dimension name
event.customDimensions.value Cj0KCQjwkOfZBhDNARIsAACs… Custom dimension value
event.customMetrics   Array of custom metrics ga_session_number Custom metric name
event.customMetrics.value 3.0 Custom metric value   Description of the page on which the event occurred… Page URL T-shirt Page title
event.product   Product description 123XL Product id Shirt Product name
event.product.currency USD Currency in which the price is displayed
event.product.unitSalePrice 50.99 Price of the product
event.product.category Shirts The category of the product
event.product.manufacturer Shirt Co. Product manufacturer
event.product.customDimensions   Array of product custom dimensions variation Custom dimension name
event.product.customDimensions.value striped Custom dimension value
event.product.customMetrics   Array of product custom metrics stock Custom metric name
event.product.customMetrics.value 99.0 Custom metric value
event.transaction   Information about the transaction
event.transaction.orderId 9999 Order id
event.transaction.lineItems   Description of goods in the transaction and their quantity.
event.transaction.lineItems.product   Description of item in the cart 123XL Product id of the product in the cart Shirt Name of the product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.product.currency USD Currency of product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.product.unitSalePrice 50.99 Price of the product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.product.category Shirts The category of the product
event.transaction.lineItems.product.manufacturer Shirt Co. Manufacturer of the product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.product.customDimensions   Array of custom dimensions of the product in the cart variation Name of the custom dimension of the product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.product.customDimensions.value striped Value of the custom dimension of the product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.product.customMetrics   Array of custom metrics of the product in the cart stock Name of the custom metric of the product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.product.customMetrics.value 99.0 Value of the custom metric of the product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.quantity 2 Quantity of the particular product in the cart
event.transaction.lineItems.subtotal 101.98 The total cost of particular good in the cart multiplied by its quantity 105.98 The total cost of the transaction, including shipping and discounts applied to the cart 0 The tax paid for the transaction.
event.transaction.shippingCost 5.0 Delivery price
event.transaction.currency USD Currency of the transaction
event.transaction.voucher EXAMPLE Voucher applied to the transaction
event.step 2 Step number in the funnel. Used in events such as Viewed Checkout Step, Completed Checkout Step and so on
event.nonInteraction false Non-interaction events are not taken into account when Google Analytics calculates bounces and session duration
event.option Visa Additional information about a checkout step
context   Information on the context of the page visit   Information on visited page… Page URL T-shirt Page title URL of the page from which the user was directed to the current page
context.campaign   Description of the last source of traffic from which the visit to the site was made webinar Contents of the utm_campaign GET-parameter
context.campaign.medium cpc Contents of the utm_medium GET-parameter
context.campaign.source google Contents of the utm_source GET-parameter
context.campaign.term optimise ad spend Contents of the utm_term GET-parameter
context.campaign.content banner Contents of the utm_content GET-parameter
context.campaign.gclid   Contents of the gclid parameter
context.campaign.fbclid   Contents of the fbclid parameter
context.campaign.yclid   Contents of the yclid parameter
context.browser   Description of the visitor’s browser Chrome Name of the browser
context.browser.version 99.0.4844.51 Browser version
context.browser.language en-us Browser language
context.device   Description of the visitor’s device
context.device.model SM-G996B Model of the device. Irrelevant for “desktops”.
context.device.type mobile Device type: “desktop”, “mobile”, “tablet”
context.device.vendor Samsung Device manufacturer. Irrelevant for “desktops”.
context.device.screenResolution 300x500 Device resolution

cost_data table

Data from all ad platform data sources is collected into the cost_data table.

Table schema:

Field name Example value Description
date 2022-11-07 Click date
data_source_type Facebook Internal system name
account_id 364317075761027 Account ID in advertising system
account SegmentStream Account name in advertising system
campaign_id 23851701862180379 Campaign ID in advertising system
campaign Webinar Campaign name in advertising system
ad_group_id 23851701862240379 Ad group ID in advertising system
ad_group Main Ad group name in advertising system
ad_id 23851881929420379 Ad ID in advertising system
ad How to optimise Google Ads to spend less & gain more Ad name in advertising system
click_id   Google Click ID
click_type   Part of the ad clicked
campaign_type OUTCOME_SALES Campaign type in advertising system
device android_smartphone Device type
utm_source facebook UTM source tag used in the ad landing page URL
utm_medium paid-social UTM medium tag used in the ad landing page URL
utm_campaign 23851701862180379 UTM campaign tag used in the ad landing page URL
utm_content 23851881929420379 UTM content tag used in the ad landing page URL
utm_term 23851701862240379 UTM term tag used in the ad landing page URL
domain Domain of the ad landing page URL
impressions 518 Number of ad impressions
clicks 3 Number of ad clicks
cost 6.67 Ad spend
currency GBP Reporting currency from the advertising platform
cost_in_project_currency 7.682023479 Costs recalculated in a main reporting currency of the project
project_currency USD Main reporting currency of the project
updated_at 2022-11-30 08:44:35.000000 UTC Timestamp of the last time ad data was updated
keyword how to optimise ad spend Keyword from search campaigns

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