What is Google Analytics cost data import?

Importing click and cost data for non-Google search engines and campaigns allows you to compare performance data for Google and non-Google initiatives. For example, if you buy keywords on non-Google search engines, you can upload the cost and impression data from these search engines to Analytics. The uploaded data can then be combined with Analytics conversion and ecommerce data so you can see ROAS (return on ad spend) for each keyword you buy. You can compare uploaded data to data for Google Ads and other Google campaigns, enabling you to monitor performance across all your channels, both those for which Analytics collects data and for other channels.

Cost analysis report inside Google Anlaytics

Once Google Analtics cost import is properly set up, you’ll be able to analyse cost data across all your channels in using the Google Analytics cost analysis report. You can learn more about this feature in the official Google Analytics documentation.

Getting started steps

  1. Creating Google Analytics data set
  2. Connecting Google Analytics to SegmentStream

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