The Viewed Product event must be pushed to the array when a product block in a listing enters a user’s viewport.

Important! SegmentStream has a built-in “Impression” trigger, which works if 75% of the tracked item enters the user’s viewport.

From the site code / when using AJAX

We do not recommend pushing the Viewed Product event from the site code.

Important! Product blocks must be marked with the ddl_product class. Also, they must have the data-product-id and data-list-id data attributes. For more information, see the HTML page layout section.

From the SegmentStream interface

Trigger: event Impression,

CSS selector: .ddl_product,

Event handler:

return {
  name: 'Viewed Product',
  category: 'Ecommerce',
  listItems: {
    return {
      product: element.getAttribute('data-product-id'),
      listId: element.getAttribute('data-list-id')

Attention! The Viewed Product event occurs most often on any ecommerce project. This can lead to the fact that you quickly reach the monthly limit for hits in the free version of Google Analytics. Exceeding the limit can result in a significant loss of data due to data-collection sampling

Required by the following integrations:

  • Google Analytics (Enhanced Ecommerce)