The Viewed Campaign event must be pushed to the array when a campaign banner enters a user’s viewport.

Important! SegmentStream has a built-in “Impression” trigger, which works if 75% of the tracked item enters the user’s viewport.

From the site code / when using AJAX

We do not recommend pushing the Viewed Campaign event from the site code.

Important! Banners must be marked with the ddl_campaign class. Also, they must have the data-campaign-id data attribute. For more information, see the HTML page layout section.

From the SegmentStream interface

Trigger: event Impression,

CSS selector: .ddl_campaign,

Event handler:

var viewedCampaigns = [];
for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
  var campaignId = elements[i].getAttribute('data-campaign-id');
return {
	name: 'Viewed Campaign',
  category: 'Promo',
  campaigns: viewedCampaigns

Required by the following integrations:

  • Google Analytics (Enhanced Ecommerce)