The Unsubscribed event must be pushed to the array when the server responds with a message about a successful unsubscription of the user from a newsletter.

Advice. It often happens that email-newsletters to clients are sent by two or more ESP-systems (for example, mass and trigger newsletter). In this case, it is necessary to create a page for managing subscriptions on the site, and on the basis of the Unsubscribed event send a signal to the CRM and ESP-systems. In the future, you can motivate the user to subscribe again using personal messages on the site and through retargeting.

From the site code / when using AJAX{
  name: 'Unsubscribed',
  user: {
    id: 'user id in your CRM system',
    email: '[email protected]'

From the SegmentStream interface

The Unsubscribed event can not be created from the built-in SegmentStream triggers. The event must be added from the site code.

Required by the following integrations:

  • Driveback