The Subscribed event must be pushed to the array when the server responds with a message about a successful user newsletter subscription. The user might subscribe to the newsletter in different fields or campaigns, for example in the footer, in a pop-up window, etc., he might also subscribe to different types of newsletter mediums, for example: email, phone.

From the site code / when using AJAX{
    category: 'Subscription',
    name: 'Subscribed',
    user: {
      firstName: 'Name',
      email: '[email protected]',   //depends on the subscription medium
      phone: '+79161110022',          //depends on the subscription medium
      subscriptions: [
          type: 'email',            //channel 
          topic: 'News'          //theme
          type: 'email',
          topic: 'Discounts'
          type: 'sms',
          topic: 'Seasonal sale'
    campaign: {               //This object is necessary to track the field or campaign where the user subscribed 
      id: '1233214',           //optional field
      name: 'Footer subscription'

From the DDManager interface

The Subscribed event can not be created from the built-in DDManager triggers. The event must be added from the site code.

Required by the following integrations:

  • Criteo
  • Facebook
  • Retail Rocket
  • Driveback
  • Sociomantic
  • Mindbox