The Completed Checkout Step event must be pushed to the array in one of the following scenarios:

  • During the checkout process, the user chose an order option (delivery type, payment type, etc.) in one of the steps and clicked on the “Proceed to next step” button,
  • When loading the page of the next step in the checkout process. Along with the pageview event, an event with information about the completion of the previous checkout step should be sent.

From the site code / when using AJAX{
  category: 'Ecommerce',
  name: 'Completed Checkout Step',
  step: 2, //example
  option: 'MasterCard' //example

From the SegmentStream interface

Let’s say the checkout process on your website contains 4 steps:

  1. view the shopping cart
  2. enter information about the address and method of delivery
  3. enter information about the payment method
  4. order review and the “Complete Order” button In this case, you will need to push two Completed Checkout Step events, one should be pushed when you load the page of the third step (with information about the selected delivery method), and another when you download step 4 (with information about the chosen payment method)

Trigger: event Viewed Checkout Step,

Event handler:

var checkoutSteps = [3,4];
var checkoutStep = _digitalData('cart.checkoutStep');
if (checkoutSteps.indexOf(checkoutStep) !== -1) {
  var option = _digitalData('cart.shippingMethod')
  if (checkoutStep === 4 ) option = _digitalData('cart.paymentMethod');
  return {
    category: 'Ecommerce',
    name: 'Completed Checkout Step',
    step: checkoutStep - 1,
    option: option

Required by the following integrations:

  • Google Analytics (Enhanced Ecommerce)