The Clicked Product event must be pushed to the array when a user clicks on a product link in a products list.

Important! The product links must contain the following attributes:

  • class - element class segmentstream_product_link (Any class name can be used, but it should be identical on all pages, and unique to the product link elements)
  • data-list-id - list id. Required parameter.
  • data-list-name - list name. Required parameter.
  • data-product-id - product id. Required parameter.
  • data-product-skuCode - product sku. Required parameter.
  • data-product-name - product name. Required parameter.
  • data-product-unitPrice - full product price. Required parameter.
  • data-product-unitSalePrice - discounted product price. Required parameter.
  • data-product-currency - product currency. Required parameter.
  • data-product-category - product category. Required parameter.

From the site code / when using AJAX{
  name: 'Clicked Product',
  category: 'Ecommerce',
  listItem: {
    listId: 'popular2019',
    listName: 'Popular Items',
    product: {
      id: '123',
      skuCode: '123xyz',
      name: 'Socks',
      unitPrice: 10,
      unitSalePrice: 6,
      currency: 'USD',
      category: ['Accessories', 'Socks']

From the SegmentStream interface

Trigger: click,

CSS selector: .segmentstream_product_link

Event handler:

return {
  name: 'Clicked Product',
  category: 'Ecommerce',
  listItem: {
    listId: element.getAttribute('data-list-id'),
    listName: element.getAttribute('data-list-name'),
    product: {
      id: element.getAttribute('data-product-id'),
      skuCode: element.getAttribute('data-product-skuCode'),
      name: element.getAttribute('data-product-name'),
      unitPrice: element.getAttribute('data-product-unitPrice'),
      unitSalePrice: element.getAttribute('data-product-unitSalePrice'),
      currency: element.getAttribute('data-product-currency'),
      category: JSON.parse(element.getAttribute('data-product-category'))

Please note! When the “Click” trigger is selected an additional “Follow link defined in “href” after event” option appears. Enabling it will add a 500ms delay between the click on the link and the redirect, so that the tracked event has enough time to be sent to all integrations.

Required by the following integrations:

  • Google Analytics (Enhanced Ecommerce)
  • Retail Rocket